Its Magic Too - Multi hard surface cleaner concentrate non solvent.

  • Professional Super Cleaning Concentrate
  • Non hazardous under C.O.S.H.H
  • Use on any washable surface.
  • Dilute to suit wide range of cleaning problems
  • Solventless
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Multi Purpose Anti-Bacterial Cleaner for Hotels, Clubs, Bars & Restaurants

Although a very powerful cleaner it is regarded as non hazardous under C.O.S.H.H

Solventless General Purpose Supercleaner - Dynamic Chemical's IT’S MAGIC TOO is a newly developed solventless hard surface cleaner which contains no Glycol Ethers or Acids. A single product which dissolves the molecular structure of oils, fats, greases, and other residues. Safe on most surfaces which would not be harmed by water. Pleasant citrus fragrance.

A sprayer of ITS MAGIC TOO on average costs only 12p, yet it cleans like products found on satelite TV at £12.95. Excellent for problem cleaning like removal of nicotine stains from painted surfaces, upholstery stains, carpet stains including red wine, coffee , Cola etc. Shower cleaner restores tiles to gleaming like brand new by removing soap fats, dead skin and light scale which inevitably dulls shower walls.

Keep your surfaces spotlessly clean with daily use whether via spray and wipe or floor mopping.

No harmful solvents and no toxic fumes. 100% fire proof and no special storage facilities are required. Biodegradable and leaves no residues. Non-corrosive and suitable for use on all washable surfaces. Hazard free total cleaning

Dilutes in hot or cold water and rinsing is rarely required. Reduces labour cost by up to 50%. Quickly penetrates and emulsifies grime and dirt for easy removal. Some suggested use dilutions:


Product Use

Sprayer Cost


Grease/ Oil from concrete



Laundry pre‑wash



Nicotine/ Stubborn stains ‑ spot cleaning carpets



Upholstery, carpets, tiles



Floors and walls



Windows and Mirrors



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Wetting agents and emulsifiers quickly float up dirt for easy removal. Spray, wipe or mop the soiled surface, allow a few seconds for penetration and remove with a clean cloth, or rinse with clean water. Acts as a surface renovator by removing oil, grease, fats., stains, wax, ink, mildew, soap scum and other unsightly soils.


Windows and mirrors, bathroom fixtures, floors and painted walls, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, and other decorative metals, rubber, plastic and laminated surfaces, enamel and painted equipment, ceramic and vinyl tiles.
Suitable for use in scrubbing machines, high pressure washes, and steam cleaners. Your Dynamic Chemicals representative will be pleased to demonstrate the dispensing and application equipment provided with this product.

Tip from one of our hotel customers. Fantastic for cleaning showers and baths, removing body fats and soap scum from tiles and around taps.


Solventless General Purpose Supercleaner - Dynamic Chemical's IT’S MAGIC TOO is a newly developed solventless hard surface cleaner which contains no Glycol Ethers or Acids. Best Industrial, commercial multi purpose all round cleaner and completely safe.


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