Caddy Clean - Smallest, Lightest Professional scrubbing machine. Basic Starter Pack.

  • BASIC Machine Starter Pack
  • This 2019 SPRING CLEANING OFFER Special Offer
  • No trailing wires means truly portable, no Trip Hazard
  • Excellent for STAIRS and TOILETS
  • INCLUDES Machine, Telescopic Handle, Battery Pack & 240V Charger
  • Set of brushes, Grip Discs, Assorted Pads
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Ideal for Scrubbing Stairs, Washroom Facilities and Toilet Areas

Lightweight, Ergonomic, Portable, Cordless, Professional Scrubbing Machine for Commercial Premises.



TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK! (possibly 2 - 3 weeks)  CALL or email for lead time!

This 2019 SPRING CLEANING OFFER Special Offer (£479.95) starter pack provides everything required to get started with a CADDY CLEAN  scrubbing machine.(excluding a detergent solution tank).

Over the last 15 years the most two popular uses where the battery operated Caddy Clean machine has been found to be most beneficial is firstly, cleaning stairs, there are no trailing cables, it is very light, one handed operation and there is no centrifugal torque throwing the machine about like single disc machines. So it is very safe. The telescopic handle enables you to adjust it to a comfortable length to work at a couple of stairs above the one you are standing on.

The second main area of use is in washrooms and toilets, specially getting in behind toilets and other washroom furniture. In this application the solution tank is never used to allow easier access. In both these areas there are no electrical points, it being battery powered overcomes Health and Safety issues with trailing cables in these high risk areas.

Two 4" inch nylon brushes cause no torque, yet give an 8" wide cleaning footprint, and very impressive cleaning power! Greatly reduces risk of RSI for repetetive scrubbing jobs.


The starter kit includes the motor head, telescopic handle, Hand Held Ergonomic Handle (converts to electric scrubbing brush), Battery pack in leather pouch with belt clip, 240V mains battery charger, 2 nylon brushes med, 2 Nylon Brushes stiff, 2 pad grip discs, sample of different floor pads, 2 microfibre pads and 10 litres of detergent concentrate (over £50.00 value), to suit general HD cleaning, ensuring that you see the the machine working at its best. Product supplied, Dynamic Chemicals, Its Magic Too, general purpose anti-bacterial cleaner concentrate, ideal for stairs, tiles, vinyl, ceramic and washroom general cleaning. Everything you need to get started (unless you know that you need a solution tank - order seperately).

Please send a separate email if you have a particular cleaning problem or application (e.g floor wax stripping, Kitchen degreasing etc.) and we will provide applicable product.

Many football stadiums, train operators, universities, hospitals, contract cleaners have ordered several after their initial purchase. Please read CLICK HERE: our testimonials to find out what our satisfied customers have to say about this unique little but powerful machine.

We will include, Free of Charge, 10 litres of recommended powerful cleaning detergent concentrates to ensure you get the best out of your Caddy Clean scrubbing machine.

Whats not in the Special Offer. No Holdall and no detergent tank (as shown on other images elsewhere on site).

Recommended for any stair cleaning job and difficult to access areas such as difficult tight washroom cleaning and behind toilet areas. Battery operated, so no mains electric socket needed so recommended for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, bus companies, train operators, boats, ferries and cruise ships, football grounds, exhibition centres, shopping malls, multi storey offices, hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, swimming pools and leisure centres.

Includes free delivery to all Mainland UK including England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Scottish Highlands and London City Centre.

Small delivery surcharge for Islands. Parts and accessories stocked.




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